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16th December 2017

SEO in Action

Over the years, we’ve lost count of the number of times speculating businesses have phoned D2 to offer Search Engine Optimisation services. Within 2 minutes they’ll normally say something like we can get you a  ‘top three ranking on google for your website’. The simple answer to this statement is always…”for what phrase?”

As you know the listings you receive on google are a response to a specific word or phrase you type in the search bar. So, consequently, your site’s ranking on that listing will depend very much on which phrase or words have been used to generate the search.

So the conversation has to start a lot further ‘up the pipeline’ than ‘top three ranking’. It has to start with what phrases are the most valuable for your business and how can you target them in a way that google (other search engines are available) will reward you with improved site ranking (page rank is the actual term as it’s individual pages of your website that get ranked rather than the whole site).

D2 are currently working with a number of small and medium size business to help them improve their page rank on google. We’re not promising ‘top three’ as this is a pointless promise that can be destroyed the moment Google changes its algorithm). For an honest conversation on why your site might not be ranking – and what can realistically be done about it, give us a call.

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