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24th October 2018

So, Content Marketing, how does that work?

Content Marketing is being touted as the greatest invention since the internet to attract new leads to your business. Is there any truth in that? We’d say, ‘some, but don’t believe all the hype’. So what is Content Marketing?

Quick Content Marketing 101. You know in the past when you opened a Google Adwords account and spent loads of money bidding on keywords to get your ad in front of people. Those people might click on your ad and that took them to your home page – or some other page, maybe with an offer you had on? Well, content marketing is the evolution of that process.

It starts with the content. This can be an article, a movie, an infographic, a podcast – pretty much any piece of content that lives on your site and is unique. It is then this piece of original content that is marketed (that the Adwords or Google Display Network campaign targets) rather than a specific page or homepage.

The secret to successful content marketing is to create unique pieces of content that are interesting, relevant and actually address a problem your specific audience has: penguin keepers might be interested in an article about the gender fluidity of penguins, for instance. It’s unique, and adds something to the general knowledge resource on the subject.

At one level, it’s storytelling. At another it’s research. An ability to bring all that stuff together and then decide on the best way to promote it to your potential audience is what makes content marketing an interesting consideration when putting together your marketing budgets for 2019. And it’s an area that we’re being increasingly asked to develop for our clients. As a marketing agency that combines ‘content writing’ with strong design, we’re having a fair amount of success with this new channel. (Although, in reality, for us old farts, this is just a new iteration of the Direct Marketing; school of thought that worked back in the 20th Century).

To discuss the possibilities (and limitations of content marketing), just drop us a line at D2 Creative and we’ll set up a chat. There’s no fee, because we do believe that small local business can benefit from this process just as much as the big MNCs (who have switched a lot of their ad spend to this channel in recent years). Interested? Get in touch.

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