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15th February 2019

15 vital questions every small business owner should ask before choosing a web designer

Choosing a website designer isn’t as easy as it sounds. Website builder platforms promise great functionality but aren’t upfront on costs and can tie you into painful contracts. Local web designers take the hassle out of getting you online but you may not offer everything you need. And what about security, optimisation, software updates and […]

1st February 2019

D2 Creative interviews Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

Robin Knox-Johnston became the first man to sail non-stop around the world single-handedly back in 1969. It took him 312 days – nearly a whole year at sea. Alone. Then in 2007 he again sailed around the world solo and at the age of 67 became the oldest person to achieve such a feat. This […]

1st February 2019

‘That’s a good question…’ Interviewing for content writing

The best response an interviewer can get? ‘That’s a good question…’ Creating content often means interviewing people with a story to tell. Could be an artist, a celebrity or the guy covered in tattoos. To get the best answers out of your very short window of opportunity means knowing the ground rules. Interviewing is a […]

1st February 2019

Scriptwriting for a Multinational

Copy and scriptwriting are two of the skills we’re asked for most often at D2. Rick’s background is in copy and he’s been writing for clients since the mid-1980s (yes, he really is that old). Right now he’s buried in a film-making project for one of the world’s biggest companies (can’t say too much until […]