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1st February 2019

Scriptwriting for a Multinational

Copy and scriptwriting are two of the skills we’re asked for most often at D2. Rick’s background is in copy and he’s been writing for clients since the mid-1980s (yes, he really is that old). Right now he’s buried in a film-making project for one of the world’s biggest companies (can’t say too much until the project is released to the audience). This is a major chunk of work that’s taking up to 6 months to complete.

Scripting started back in the summer, and as is normal with blue chip multinationals, the approvals process is complex and can be quite demanding. (Drafts are currently flying all over Europe to interested parties). It requires a sense of humour to keep pushing through, handling the rewrites and still stay focussed on producing the best film possible. We’re nearly there – as pre-production will launch early in 2019. Pop back for links to the films as the rushes come through…

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