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1st February 2019

‘That’s a good question…’ Interviewing for content writing

The best response an interviewer can get? ‘That’s a good question…’ Creating content often means interviewing people with a story to tell. Could be an artist, a celebrity or the guy covered in tattoos. To get the best answers out of your very short window of opportunity means knowing the ground rules. Interviewing is a […]

24th October 2018

So, Content Marketing, how does that work?

Content Marketing is being touted as the greatest invention since the internet to attract new leads to your business. Is there any truth in that? We’d say, ‘some, but don’t believe all the hype’. So what is Content Marketing? Quick Content Marketing 101. You know in the past when you opened a Google Adwords account […]

25th January 2019

Content Marketing for Entrepreneurs

We were asked to produce a piece of long form content for a well known multi-national. They wanted to explore the relationship between adventure-seekers and entrepreneurs. The following is the result of our research and content writing – in draft form – including all the copy mark-ups and call-outs although they’re not live. It’s a […]

22nd October 2018

Web Launch for the Tiger

Bamboo Tiger is a fantastic home furnishing business in Canterbury’s Wincheap Business Area. Alex and Sue have been running the business for nearly two decades. Alex visits manufacturers all over the world from the North of the UK to Southern China to source really cool, unique furniture and accessories. The store showcases everything from gorgeous […]

1st February 2019

Scriptwriting for a Multinational

Copy and scriptwriting are two of the skills we’re asked for most often at D2. Rick’s background is in copy and he’s been writing for clients since the mid-1980s (yes, he really is that old). Right now he’s buried in a film-making project for one of the world’s biggest companies (can’t say too much until […]

25th October 2018

Oh Crumbs, that’s refreshing!

A catering company with a difference in Folkestone is Oh Crumbs based in Park Farm, Folkestone. Val the owner runs the business as a CIC (Community Interest Company) employing disadvantaged people from the local area and offering apprenticeships in catering. Since we began working together the business has gained real traction offering the traditional fare […]