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1st February 2019

D2 Creative interviews Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

Robin Knox-Johnston became the first man to sail non-stop around the world single-handedly back in 1969. It took him 312 days – nearly a whole year at sea. Alone. Then in 2007 he again sailed around the world solo and at the age of 67 became the oldest person to achieve such a feat. This […]

1st February 2019

‘That’s a good question…’ Interviewing for content writing

The best response an interviewer can get? ‘That’s a good question…’ Creating content often means interviewing people with a story to tell. Could be an artist, a celebrity or the guy covered in tattoos. To get the best answers out of your very short window of opportunity means knowing the ground rules. Interviewing is a […]

25th January 2019

Content Marketing for Entrepreneurs

We were asked to produce a piece of long form content for a well known multi-national. They wanted to explore the relationship between adventure-seekers and entrepreneurs. The following is the result of our research and content writing – in draft form – including all the copy mark-ups and call-outs although they’re not live. It’s a […]

1st February 2019

Scriptwriting for a Multinational

Copy and scriptwriting are two of the skills we’re asked for most often at D2. Rick’s background is in copy and he’s been writing for clients since the mid-1980s (yes, he really is that old). Right now he’s buried in a film-making project for one of the world’s biggest companies (can’t say too much until […]