Content marketing has been called ‘the story you tell before you sell’. [Thanks Paul]. In the old days you would advertise your website services online with a nice link to your website. That’s what everybody did – so no one stood out. The cupcakes Business A sells are very much like the cupcakes Business B sells.

Content marketing is your opportunity to sell the way you make the cup cakes, uniquely and authentically to you. Content marketing allows you to market what is special and different about your business; your history, your methods, your philosophy, your background. No one can copy that or be the same because you have a unique story to tell.
Then you ‘market’ that story. You advertise your specialness online, you attract customers that like the way you think and the way you do things – not just what you sell.

The greatest opportunity for small businesses is that content marketing levels the playing field. You might not have the capacity or scale of IBM or, in the cupcake industry, McVities, for instance, but you have something intrinsically your own. Your own amazing way of being you – of getting your story out there without the massive budgets associated with traditional TV, press or billboard advertising. Content marketing is marketing for ‘the little guy’.

And once you have created one piece of authentic, bespoke and original content – your thoughts and authority in your area (either geographically or commercially), you can reformat it in 100 different ways to keep the story fresh and relevant. This is your chance to get heard and seen!

D2 Creative have experienced writers, designers and marketers who can help you turn your personal business story into a commercial online campaign that will deliver the scope of business you’re looking for. It might be you just want to attract enough customers to make a good living. Or you might be targeting a scalable business that you can take to international markets. Content marketing lets you do as much or as little as you want with more ‘bang for your buck‘.

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