We’ve all heard the saying that your website ‘is your shop window on the web’. But it is so much more than that. A shop window is just a display case for what you sell. A great website is your show room, service desk, library, showreel, biography and your personality. But most of all it is a direct feed of sales opportunities, gathering information about the people who pop in and engaging them in your brand. And yes, even the newest, smallest start-up company is a brand in its own right. [Take a look at our branding page for proof!}

But it’s also a daunting prospect to build yourself – especially if you have little experience of how all the code and html stuff fits together. Yes, you might have a cousin or a friend who’s built their own who you could get to do it for you. But the problem with the internet is that it keeps advancing at a phenomenal rate. Do you really what to keep asking for favours every time you meet up for a drink?

It’s the same problem for customers of the ‘proprietary’ website platforms like Wix or 1&1 or Godaddy or Shopify. You start off with a ‘sort of’ affordable starter package. And then you get charged for the widgets. And then the SEO plug in. And then the mail server. And then the hosting package goes up because you realize you need more images on the site. And before you know it, the site is costing you more than you can sell!

We’d like to propose a solution. D2 Creative build eCommerce, editorial and sales sites for all types of business – usually Kent-based ones. We agree a realistic price, create the build, help you populate the site with the content you need, sort the SEO, arrange the hosting and the mail servers and even include in-house training. All part of the package (which incidentally starts from just £595) and you can pay on affordable terms because we know what it’s like to be a start-up trying to make ends meet.

What’s more, once built the site is yours. We hand over all the controls, the copyrights and the the hosting to you. We don’t try to retain control of your site. Sure if you want some upgrades or new functionality built in, we’re happy to oblige. Or you can take it to another web company if you prefer their service (although people always stay with us because we’re so easy to work with! And we’re nice.) Most importantly, your site will be built on an open access platform like this one is – WordPress or Joomla. Which means any other web designer can work on it with your permission. Open. Access. Which also means that when the template for your website is updated, you don’t have to pay Wix or 1&1 for the privilege of keeping your site up-to-date.

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